Installation of elevator

We refer to the decision at the GA in 2017, where it was decided that installation of an elevator should be on each house. The cost must be covered by those in the house, who want to install an elevator, in the same way as in the 4 houses that already have built an elevator.
The board shall only engage to ensure that the construction of the elevator installation in the patio is in accordance with the building’s architecture.

The board will recommend the following procedure to install an elevator in a House
This procedure will also ensure a good neighbourhood at Elviria del Sol, which will be the best for all residents.

  1. Residents who want to install an elevator in their house, have to contact all residents of the house, and ask who is interested to join.
    Then, you get an overview of who will join, and how the costs will be for those who become owners of the elevator.
  2. Next, those who want an elevator, have to choose an administrator for the elevator of the house, before the project is further elaborated.
  3. When drawings of the elevator, including the elevator in the patio, have been completed, a written information must be sent to the board, including the drawings.

The duties of the board
The board shall comment on the appearance of the elevator in the patio, and whether the placement in the patio fits architecturally with the house. In case the proposal does not fit architecturally, the board will have to pass the case on to the next GA for approval / rejection.

As a recommendation to the look of the elevator in the patio:
House 1 is a good example of an architecturally nice solution.

With kind regards,
The board, November 2017